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Re: I *thought* we had no cc debt...
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When i fist brought up the idea of all this to my wife she freaked out.  Not just freaked out but went into full bi-polar meltdown.  Then she got over it, and we sat down and instead of building a budget myself and going over it with her, We sat down together and built it together.  We took turns typing things in and talked over the amount each category should receive.  I think that was the trick that worked for us, by doing it together from begging to end we arrived at an approach that will work for both of us and i think that physically having a hand in the end product mattered just as much.  Now she runs the budget with me, collects all the receipts and puts them in herself. 

Calling someone "Bad with Money" is a fallacy unless they suffer from a neurological disorder that causes bad impulse control.  People are only bad with money if they don't understand the whole picture of whats coming in and going out.  To your Husband $20 here or there may not seem like much to him.  Perhaps sitting down and reworking the budget with him instead of just doing it your way might help and since you did it in 2012 it may need revamped anyway.  And speaking as a happily married man of 10 years when DW wants something unless I object strenuously to it, it gets a nod and approval most times.  He may be like me and wants to reduce marital strife by just agreeing to things.  Maybe while reworking that budget with him you can see what his goals are and how he views the idea of ER and what it might mean to him.  He may re-evaluate his goals a bit as well. Just a few thoughts for you.

P.S. Right now $50 is the personal allowance for both of us together for the month.  But then we make between 17k and 20k a year and are on the far end of the frugality scale to begin with by neccesity.