Author Topic: Book crash proof 2.0 by peter schiff  (Read 1824 times)


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Book crash proof 2.0 by peter schiff
« on: April 18, 2016, 09:06:29 PM »
So im reading this after seeing it mentioned in a MMM post
For the record im still new to all this and trying to learn as much as possible.  Other book ideas are welcome.  I have on my list the different bogle books, millionare teacher, the 4 pillars of investing, early retirement extreme, investor manifesto, your money or your life, irrational exuberance,

I get it that there are tons of "the sky is falling" type books out there.  But it seems to hit some good points about massive debts being harmful to us long term.  Of course it is. Lots of examples of how consumerism via building debt is killing things. He says his original book in 2006 was predicting the 2008/09 crash as being soon.   Says that there is another crash coming as a repeat or worsening of 2008/09. 

Anyone else have some good books to read to learn more about the economy and investing?  I am canadian but am finding this very interesting!