Author Topic: What have you done to setup your dream job?  (Read 2484 times)


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What have you done to setup your dream job?
« on: May 21, 2014, 09:55:01 AM »
There's a great post floating around here started by Eddy asking people what their dream job would be post-FIRE:

There are a lot of really, really cool jobs listed on that thread. I think many of us are good at conceptualizing what we want to do, but maybe not as good at executing a plan to start that journey while we're still working. I have a list of dream jobs and I've tried to start them on a much smaller scale.

My question is: What have you done to get started? Maybe if you want to remodel your house you've taken classes on construction or volunteered with Habitat for Humanity? If you want to open a micro-brewery, maybe you've already started home brewing and given your beer to friends?

My list (which I also have posted on the other thread, sorry):

1) Write iPhone games - I've published one already, but it has the quality of a part-time weekend project. I'd like to dedicate some real time to this hobby and possibly make a little money at it.
2) Blogging - I already have a personal blog, but it's meandering through an identity crisis right now. I can't figure out a good way to link all the topics I want to discuss.
3) Home renovation - I'd ultimately like to have a professional come in to add the framing for an addition to my place, but do much of the plumbing/electrical/finishing myself. Besides the odd-job around the house I haven't done much beyond starting to 3D model the addition on my computer.
4) Home brewing - I've made a few fruit juice cocktails using MMM's method from a little while ago. If I can master that, I plan on graduating to beer.

If you haven't done anything yet toward your goal, maybe now's a good time to start. Feel free to post your plans as well!

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Re: What have you done to setup your dream job?
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2014, 10:04:42 AM »
In that thread, I mentioned that my "dream job", which isn't really a job at all, just my vision of FIRE, is to own/manage my own timberland, and to build a home and shop and furniture using as much timber from my own land as possible.

To that end, I have:

-Renovated 2 houses, doing all the labor myself: one for myself (that I lost a shitload of money on) and one for my Dad (a guest house/occasional rental unit)
-Traveled to Haiti last year to build homes for medical personnel. Got to spend a lot of time working with experienced carpenters, which was great.
-I currently work as a forester, managing other people's land. The main thing I want to change is whose land I'm managing.
-I spend a lot of my free time in my workshop, building furniture, using wood that I harvest myself. It's one of the things that will keep me sane until FIRE. I want to spend a lot more time in the shop.


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Re: What have you done to setup your dream job?
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2014, 10:15:46 AM »
I have spent the last 7 ears building my craft business to the point where my brand name is often recognized.  I also have developed some consignment and wholesale accounts.  Hopefully when I have more time in retirement I can build that business more. 


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Re: What have you done to setup your dream job?
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2014, 10:23:20 AM »
I went to graduate school for seven years.  Does that count?

My dream job criteria:

1.  Make vast sums of money
2.  to think very hard about topics of great importance to humanity
3.  and get lots of exercise in beautiful locations with interesting people
4.  while avoiding meetings, conference calls, and all forms of BS paperwork.

I'm doing great on 1-3, not so much on #4.


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