Author Topic: Need help with cisa requirements for Canucks doing charity work in USA  (Read 1096 times)

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Hey all - does anyone here work in a professional capacity that would enable them to answer some questions about Canadians doing charity work (fundraising) in the USA and what border/visa/tax implications there are?

Last summer my son and I did a long-distance bike ride from our home near Toronto to Ottawa, and raised over $10,000 for a local children's treatment centre. We're considering doing another ride this summer that would see us venture from Toronto across the border at Niagara Falls. We have partnered with a charity here at home as well as with one in New York State.

I've thought of 4 potential issues with this ride:
- If we do this, are we on business or pleasure?
- Do we need some sort of visa to be fundraising?
- Will there be tax implications if we divide all proceeds 50-50 after the ride?
- Will we have to declare funds raised as US income on our return?

If anyone has answers to these questions, or is aware of other questions I should be asking but haven't considered, please let me know.

Thanks - Prospector.