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Title: How does the Christmas Shopping Season Look Where you Live?
Post by: 2ndTimer on December 14, 2015, 10:46:48 AM
Yesterday, we packed a thermos of coffee and went to the Tacoma Mall to see how the shopping season was shaping up.  Since we have a large military base here, JBLM, we have lots of young families with an assured income for the next couple of years so if anybody should be shopping till they drop it's us. 

The mall was fairly busy and we saw quite a few people with a pkg. or two.  Didn't see many with their arms full.  Lush was busy as was Bed Bath and Body Works.  Lots of clothing stores were empty or nearly empty.  Nordstom's Bistro was almost empty despite it being about 1:00 p.m.  We didn't eat there, just looked in to gage the crowd or lack of one.  Neither Nordstrom's nor Macy's was particularly full.  No place was so swamped that we weren't greeted and offered assistance within two minutes of entering the store.  The only thing that was really busy was the line to get your picture taken with Santa.

Our total contribution to the day, was buying two Crispy Creme donuts to go with our coffee while we watched the kids with Santa. 

Title: Re: How does the Christmas Shopping Season Look Where you Live?
Post by: Mother Fussbudget on December 14, 2015, 12:50:23 PM
Similar experience 45 min north of you.  Fewer shoppers with arms loaded, 1-to-4 packages typical. 
Higher percentage of on-line shopping this year, AND more problems with front-porch theft.   A friend's DIY security cam setup caught perpetrators stealing a box of ornaments - he thinks they were probably disappointed.  Amazon replaced the shipment no-charge.
Title: Re: How does the Christmas Shopping Season Look Where you Live?
Post by: MMMaybe on December 14, 2015, 08:31:40 PM
We are currently in the Philippines. The Christmas season kicks off promptly on Sept 1 and by now we have endured months of Christmas carols. It's a really big deal here. The malls are absolutely heaving with people and the already dreadful traffic has increased greatly.

I am not sure how much people are actually buying as we try to avoid the malls at this time of year. I know that there is a fair bit of pressure on people to give out gifts. Anecdotally speaking, pickpocketing seems to increase at this time of year so there may be some correlation...
Title: Re: How does the Christmas Shopping Season Look Where you Live?
Post by: Villanelle on December 14, 2015, 08:58:32 PM
I was at the mall on Sunday because I didn't want to be home during the tension that is the Army Navy game, but I didn't really have anywhere specific to go. 

The parking lot was insane.  Insane.  I didn't even try lookin up close, and I headed to the back lot, which was also full of both cars and people sharking the aisles looking for spots.  I liked out and caught someone walking in a back corner before too long.

I'd say several places has very long lines.  I walked in to GAP because they were having something like 30 or 40% off all purchases and DH could use a new heavy long sleeved shirt, but the line was so long I didn't even look around.  Several other places had huge lines as well.  I bought a necklace at Macys, which was something like $39 originally and on clearance for $6.99.  The counters out in the open had lines of maybe 6-8 people, but I went to a back counter and only waited behind 2 parties. 

So I'd say it was crowded, but mostly manageable, with the exception of a few stores.  I haven't been to a mall at Christmas in years, so I can't say whether it seemed like more or less activity than in years past. 
Title: Re: How does the Christmas Shopping Season Look Where you Live?
Post by: alsoknownasDean on December 15, 2015, 05:32:18 AM
I drove to a major shopping mall (yeah I know) on Sunday. I can normally get a park easily, but the signs at the front said that there were no parks available except for the super-antimustachian valet parking. I decided to go home. I'll head to the shops near my workplace after work tomorrow night.

Here the 'shopping season' actually continues until after Christmas due to Boxing Day sales.