Author Topic: Has anybody used Cell to get out of their contract?  (Read 2275 times)


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Some background info: I currently have an Iphone 4s and a contract with Bell Canada that runs out in December 2014 (stupid I know; I deserve a face punch). My monthly fee is currently $50, which is way too much considering that I don't really use it often enough. Instead of paying the $258.60 + tax cancellation fee I was thinking about using to find somebody to take over my contract. Has anybody dealt with that company before and actually found somebody? It looks they reimburse you the $19 fee if you don't find somebody within 30 months.

I'm also looking for some advise on good prepaid phones and plans in Canada. My boyfriend has a prepaid phone with Rogers and he's pretty happy so far, but it never hurts to get some other opinions :)


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Re: Has anybody used Cell to get out of their contract?
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2013, 09:03:39 AM »
The carrier to pick will depend a lot on where you live and what your habits are. I am in Ottawa, live in the city core and tend not to go out to the rural parts of the city. When I travel within Canada, it tends to be to other large urban centers. I also visit Montreal relatively infrequently (since some carriers do not deal with Quebec, and you have to using roaming there). So for me I have found Wind Mobile to be excellent. I pay $30/month for unlimited voice/text/data... which I am a very heavy user of.

My recommendation is if you're in the main part of the city and don't tend to travel a lot and are a medium to heavy user, go for one of the independents such as Wind or Mobilicity. They have a decent selection of phones that will work on their network (forget if the iphone 4s will or not...). Otherwise consider a discount brand such as Koodoo or Virgin (both of these are just sub-sections of their larger parents Telus and Bell respectively). The larger carriers are good when you do find you travel a lot and would be subject to a lot of roaming charges... I just don't use my phone a lot when outside my home zones.