Author Topic: How do you track details (APR/repayment schedule) of private personal loans?  (Read 1495 times)


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Me and my partner share a household and a business. We track shared household expenses (groceries, utilities, etc.) in YNAB. This is working fine.

As for the business, I have invested in a few enterprises with the agreement that my partner will pay me back with 5% interest. We've also agreed on a beginning (monthly) repayment amount which will increase over time. My investments have been paid out in seven installments (buying equipment, paying for services, etc.) over the course of three months. We want to begin repayments this month.

How do you folks deal with personal loans repayment tracking? It'd be nice to not need to figure out the APR, remaining balance, etc. and to have these details somewhere that we can both see. We're both android users and neither one of us are spreadsheet wizards. Right now I'm using a Google doc, but I don't want to figure out APR accrual for seven different origination dates.

Any good websites/apps you've run across for this?


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When my brother and I started loaning serious money to a few other family members (wish we didn't have to, but at the time we felt we were kind of backed into a corner by the situation), we looked online for loan amortization schedules that we could use.  We ended up downloading the one from Vertex ( and it has worked very well for us.  We also used promissory notes, which the borrowers signed, to memorialize all the terms of our agreements (e.g., principal amount, interest rate and compounding, term of loan, monthly payments).


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I did use shared Google sheets for a loan from my parents; perhaps seven linked sheets for each origination date with a master that pulls the total for all of them?


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Thanks for the input! I'm going to use that vertex42 template and just not worry about the different origination dates.