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Re: RV Rental Resources (Class B)
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Didn't check in over the weekend and this really took off! Thanks so much for all the stories and information, all. A lot to read up on and think about!!

- I just saw on the RV rental site that when they need RVs returned to other states, they offer good deals to people willing to drive one-way on their schedule.  It's only $30/night . . . but, of course, you have to go where they want, when they want, and then you have to get yourself back home.  I could see that as a good thing to keep in mind for retirement.  I'd bet they need people just after the peak seasons.

MrsPete, which rental site are you referring to?

I definitely agree with many of you that buying used and re-selling or renting afterwards is our best course of action. I'll keep my eyes peeled for someone who might be willing to let me borrow, as we'd definitely prefer to have a test run at some point.