Author Topic: Hosting with AirBnb Share your experiences  (Read 1121 times)


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Hosting with AirBnb Share your experiences
« on: February 13, 2015, 09:47:02 AM »
This last weekend we had our first time renting our place out to 3 couples for 2 nights, while we were away in New Orleans for a business/pleasure trip.

We came home to a pretty clean house, they even ran the dishwasher, stripped at least one of the beds and took the trash out, all things I didn't really expect them to do.

They jacked the heat up to 70, which was dissapointing, since we would keep it around 55 when we aren't home and only around 58-60 when we are here, I did put it up to 65 for them so they wouldn't be freezing, but I programmed it to go back down after they left, I was sad I didn't do it right or they accidentally overrode it.

But all in all a great experience, our bank account has $412 in it now from that experience.

I am hoping to rent it out again a few times.

I have had to turn 3 people down because they wanted to book out too far in advance, we are going to put the house up for sale soon and I can't book it when we don't know if we will be here. If we do end up staying here, I can see this as being a great way to pay the mortgage :)

So any of you that have done this, please tell me your stories.