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Relocating decisions
« on: July 08, 2020, 12:10:13 AM »
I just confirmed with my landlord today that he intends to sell the home I am renting a room in and will be giving notice to all of us to move when the housing market stabilizes which he anticipates will be in the next 6 months. I have lived here for 7 years currently pay $570 per month which includes all utilities. It's been a great ride honestly with how cheap it's been. I do live in a house with 6 other people but it has worked out very well.

I will soon need to look for a new place but I wanted to get some advice on the most efficient way to do this. Coincidentally I have been thinking of moving for awhile now but the low rent has kept me here. I am 32 and currently live in the suburbs of LA. My work happens to be relocating to Santa Clarita, CA which is an area north of LA sometime at the end of this year. I would seek to live somewhere near where my work will be.

On some of my other posts I've talked on and off the last few years about purchasing my own place but I feel prices are now to high. I could do it especially with work having a program of getting a 1.5% ARM so long as I work there. A condo would be what I would be in the market for but running the cost benefit it doesn't seem to be the best bet with prices so high at this time however that was considering the rent I pay now at $570 and not the higher amount I would almost certainly need to pay.

One option is trying to find a living arrangement similar to my own. Upon reviewing listings on craigslist it looks there is nothing quite like the situation I have but various rooms in houses will run $800/ month and higher. I strongly prefer renting from someone as opposed to leasing together with a stranger where I may run the risk of that person needing to move or unable to pay for various reasons and dealing with that drama.

Another option is finding my own apartment/studio. It's possible at a minimum of about $1300/month+utilities with 1 years leases. Although cheaper than my current area it just seems to be a poor value. The place is old and in an "ok" area. The area that my work is relocating is actually known to be an area that housing is not as expensive but even then single apartments don't seem to be appealing.

What are some options people on here think I may not be considering or is it time to take out the pen and paper to figure out buying in this market? Judging by the type of person I am I'm likely to stay at any place for an extended period of time. The other factor I'm considering is I feel I'm getting into a part of my life where I think it's fair that I have my own place that's a bit more established like my own property or apartment. There is some pride in that consideration but I am fortunate in that I have no need of my own place such as my own family but sometimes I feel where I live now and type of place I would live has some bearing in being successful finding someone (a bit of another topic).

So far I've checked out Craigslist, Facebook groups, and Nothing really sticks out to me as particularly interesting. All more expensive and not as great a value. Do any of you guys know of similar websites to find living arrangements or is there any other element in this process I may not be considering? I am fortunate in that my landlord says that he will likely give me 60 days notice before the time comes and I have the option of moving temporarily into my mother's home until I find the most suitable place. Thanks.


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Re: Relocating decisions
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2020, 10:31:22 AM »
My advice is to take anything for six months (or maybe even just 3 months)  in Santa Clarita to give yourself a chance to meet some people and become really familiar with the place.  I have found by far the best rental deals are through private individuals.  When I was downsizing a couple years ago (selling my house) and let people know, one of my neighbors told me she and her husband were also downsizing and going to move into a newly built duplex that someone they knew was building for an investment.  I now happily rent the upstairs of the duplex.  The rent is reasonable for the location but equally important is the fact that we are really compatible neighbors. And after owning a 100 year old house I am loving a new, well built home. Where I live AirBnB owners are giving big discounts for longer term rentals because of the current rule that they must leave the place vacant for at least 24 hours between guests (according to the one AriBnB owner who told me about this; I assume it is correct).