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Title: Help with SSI and Atainable Savings Account Expenses please
Post by: Wag on October 23, 2017, 10:19:02 AM
I've been having a lot of problems with the SSA over the last few years- they claimed I wasn't paying the fair market value for rent and had an overpayment on SSI and took it away until I repaid it. Over the last few years I've been in to the local SSA office, submitted tons of paperwork, etc. This morning I received a call from the local SSA stating someone new took over my case- it fell through the cracks and they don't have any of my paperwork. They're going to start all over again.:( I'm sick of dealing with the SSA over SSI which I'm not currently receiving anyways.

During this time I opened up an ABLE account with Fidelity. I plan on moving soon- I'm unsure what is a valid ABLE expense and isn't. Fidelity themselves isn't sure, as ABLE is so new and the definition of approved expenses is so broad. When I move I'd like to stop paying rent and pick up the HOA fees and taxes, utilities, repairs, etc and just not have to deal with the SSA/SSI anymore. I have this option because my parents are/will be my landlord when I move.

The majority of my income is SSDI, not SSI.

1. Can I use the ABLE account to pay for those expenses without being penalized? The only thing I've found on the net is something from the SSA that says you can use it for a mortgage/rent. So I assume if you can use it to pay for a mortgage you can also use it for taxes/HOA, etc.

2. How will losing my SSI effect my benefits? I need Medicaid for my medical expenses.

3. Will this effect my SSDI? I can't live without it.

A lot more questions, I can't think of at the moment.

I know this is complicated, but I'm extremely frustrated. Fidelity tells me to get answers I should ask my tax adviser. If I could afford a tax adviser I wouldn't have an ABLE account with them!!! lol

Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.