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Help with a school project.
« on: May 28, 2013, 07:01:14 PM »
Hello everybody.
I just came across this site a week ago and I`m devouring it, loving the idea of optimizing your happiness instead of your income. Started saving money 4 years ago, but never actually took a good look at my expenses as teh mroe effective way to gain FI. Just figured putting something aside every month would cover me. For retirement at 65 maby but thats not the Mustachian way it seems :)
The reason why I`m posting is, as it happens i have a project coming up simulating a topic of choice in Matlab. And i would really like to show people how to retire in 7 years if they save 75% of their pay. I found it shocking, and i think they would too, just i don't get the math behind it. Since I`m not really good at it i wonder if there's anyone here that has some experience in the field. I would mainly need the math exposed because I`m not sure how to model it properly with all the inflation and safe retirement percentage (4% ?) variables.