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Help please: RE: Sydney Australia
« on: February 18, 2019, 03:49:31 PM »
Hi folks,

So I am currently in Wellington New Zealand and am moving to Sydney late April for family and warmth! I have an eye out for jobs and flats mostly in Newtown/Glebe area but am open to anything. Ideally I would end up in somebody's low cost bedsit; do any of you wonderful people know or have one? Am open to living out of Central Sydney but need to be close to public transport as I don't drive.

Job wise my background is in Urban Agriculture, Management and Sustainability with all of my work experience being in Not-For-Profits. Any pointers of where to find jobs, or people to connect to? Currently I am looking through

Any help, or advise would be much appreciated.

Welly Mustachian

(PS. I am an avid MMM follower, read all the blogs, am 28, live frugally, and sustainably. Have no debt, invested some money ($13000), and have some savings on top of that. Don't own property (I will inherit two when my parents die) and want to live as ethically as possible.

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