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Help Needed
« on: September 27, 2014, 11:00:48 AM »
Hey everyone!

I recently started working with a referral site that pays $20 cash for every referral that signs up and completes one of their offers. I spoke with the owner and he said it would be fine if I were to pay referrals $5 of my $20 AFTER they sign up for the site. I tried finding people on Fiverr via gig requests, but all but 3 of my requests were declined. I have about 12 people so far.

Fiverr has many people internationally- which poses a challenge since the referrals can only be from the UK, The US, and Canada. I've gotten 38 offers on my gig requests, but only 12 have actually met the location qualifications.

I make $15 PROFIT on every completed referral ($20 from the site - $5 paid after the person registers/completes offer). Any ideas where I can find a LARGE number of people?

I see a lot of potential, I'm just not sure where to FIND the people.