Author Topic: Help! Transfer IRA (from Vanguard) to existing 403b to do a backdoor Roth IRA  (Read 1224 times)


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I have about 70k currently in a rollover IRA (vanguard 500 index fund).  I am thinking to rollover this amount to my work's 403b so taht I can start doing backdoor roth IRA.  We make too much to contribute to a Roth IRA.  We both maximize our 403b and 401k (DH).  But I think it would be good to contribute to a Roth IRA but in order to do that I would need to have no IRA.  But my concern is that current 403b's return isn't as good as the Vanguard 500 index fund.  I am currently 39 years old so there is a long time before I will need to retire.