Author Topic: Help! ( not buy a second car!)  (Read 1406 times)


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Help! ( not buy a second car!)
« on: September 29, 2015, 05:26:23 PM »
My wife and I have been a single-car family for past few years since I sold my car for a military deployment in 2012. Life has been relatively easy as I commute 3.5 miles (one-way) by bike M-F and my wife uses our car for the 9-mile (one-way) commute three days a week as a registered nurse. I also have the option of convenient public transportation as a backup for inclement weather--because of her work location, my wife doesn't have this option.

Recently, we had our first daughter and my wife has been--and will be--a SAHM until the first of the year. I've been using the car to save some time traveling to and from work (11 min vs 25 min) because the missus has no need with a baby attached for the majority of the day. Additionally I have to travel from work to school one to three days a week depending on the semester.

Once my wife goes back to work in January we're going to have to tackle the issue of childcare, where she works three overnights and I work M-F. Unfortunately, she won't get home from work until after I have to leave, so there'll be some overlap issues. Right now we're thinking the simplest solution will be to get a second vehicle, but we're (I'm?) looking to explore our options. Right now it doesn't seem feasible to carry a four-month old on the back of a bike in a Western New York winter...

Thoughts? Recommendations? Advice?

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Re: Help! ( not buy a second car!)
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2015, 05:38:47 PM »
We for a while did daycare pickup by bike, but our kids were older. 4 months does seem very young to ride on a bike--you might need another car for this year at least.

Once baby is old enough for the bike, a bike TRAILER, as opposed to a seat, is actually very cozy. If there were deep snow or super-cold weather, would you be able to go into work late a day or two? If there is any flexibility on that score, you may be able to make one car work. I took the kids in the bike trailer as cold as 14 degrees and with a modest amount of snow. (With studded bike tire--those things are great!)

We currently have a second car to make life easier--I have to pick up Little Brother from preschool, take him home for lunch, then get him to daycare and myself to (bus-able, but non-bike-able) work within a few hour period. Not practical without a car and Mr. FP needs to have a car in order to make 4:00 afternoon pickup for Big Brother. Next year, Little Brother will be in full-day pre-K and I might sell my car and just take the bus.

Congrats on new baby, BTW!


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