Author Topic: What happens if you don't pay your deductible for health insurance claims?  (Read 13214 times)


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What happens if you don't pay your deductible for your health insurance after a surgery? My guess is they get collection agencies or do they refuse any claims in the future?  I always pay, but wonder every time I cut a check towards my deductible


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As I understand it, you aren't paying your health insurance company - you're paying the medical agency. If it goes unpaid, it goes to collections.


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We've had to pay the deductible to the hospital or clinic before we can get any medical procedure.


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If you don't pay the deductible you are stiffing whomever provided you with medical services. The insurance company reimburses health care providers once the deductible has been met. if you haven't met your deductible, you owe that amount to the provider, and if you don't pay it they will probably send it to collections, or do whatever they do with unpaid bills. If you are very poor and cannot pay your deductible, you can try asking your healthcare provider to forgive it or to work out a payment plan with you.


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Collections. And if that doesn't work, you get sued.


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Family members have had their unpaid medical bills go to collections. Which prevented them from buying a house. It's tough because sometimes you get multiple bills for the same procedure (say, doctor, hospital, and insurance company) and it can be confusing as to what you actually owe. If you aren't on top of it, you might think you paid that one already.


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