Author Topic: Health insurance costs blocking early retirement?  (Read 716 times)


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Health insurance costs blocking early retirement?
« on: April 11, 2017, 11:00:14 AM »
Hi all,

My husband and I are in a position to pay off our home in 8 years and exit stage left from the rat race.  While we plan to do part-time work as it pleases us, we will have no financial need to do so...except for the concern of health insurance.  We will be 55 and 62 years old at that time, so not eligible for Medicare. 

We have medical conditions that require medication.  Mine is autoimmune and can't be impacted by diet or lifestyle.  His is a result of 25+ years smoking (he quit 6 years ago, so proud of him!)  I'm concerned about premiums we'd have to pay for health insurance, whether under ACA (which is what I priced in Kentucky) or whatever may come out of Washington in the next few years.  There are options where I work to bridge to retirement but the premiums are still quite costly.

Anybody else in a similar position in which you feel health insurance premiums are your blocker to early(ish) retirement?  Suggestions on what to research further?

Thanks much.