Author Topic: Ontario CAN cell phone users - best Bell/Rogers (Northern network) deal?  (Read 892 times)


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My husband just finished out a contract with Bell and is looking for a new cell phone plan/provider. Pretty basic needs - mostly used on wi-fi, so limited calling/texting.

However, he often works in Northern Ontario locations (e.g. White River, Marathon, Wawa) and needs a network that will allow data/pictures to be sent from those job-sites. As of three years ago, only the Bell network worked out there. Rogers MAY now work too. Speed isn't important but the network has to work.

So far I've
- looked up the typical providers' websites and some smaller ones (eg TBayTel on the Rogers network)
- went into a couple stores (e.g. Best Buy)
- asked my mom who used to work for Bell if she has any ideas for getting a better rate.
- gone onto some tech forums and poked around a bit.

What else can I do, besides calling and haggling with Bell for retention? Anyone have great ideas for where to start, or has gotten any great deals for Northern Ontario?

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Re: Ontario CAN cell phone users - best Bell/Rogers (Northern network) deal?
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I switched from Bell to Virgin Mobile.  They use Bell's network but they're rates were cheaper.  I still pay $51 after tax but that's better than the $75-$80 I was paying before.  I have the Gold plan with 300 minutes and 300 MB of data which was $45 when I entered my contract, and got an iPhone.  If you bring your own phone you could go with a silver plan and get 10% off.  There is unlimited picture messaging with the plans.  They also have prepaid plans for calling, or calling and texting, but those don't seem to have the picture messaging.

 I live around Sudbury/North Bay area so not as far north as the locations you gave and better service here, but it's something to look into.