Author Topic: Paying for College.  (Read 20414 times)

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Re: Paying for College.
« Reply #50 on: August 14, 2013, 08:00:14 AM »

For OP, I think you should consider applying Tier 2 also, i.e. more than just the Ivies, and see what kind of merit package she gets. You will have some time between early action offers (Dec) and regular offers (Mar) to apply to more schools / refine the list a little. Some early action offers come with a merit offer and, even if it isn't her first choice, you can use this as leverage at some of the other schools.

+1 How could I forget? Absolutely leverage the merit aid offers when you have decisions in your hand. If there is a school she prefers, she can call up the admissions dept, or write a note, let them know that she is trying to make the best financial decision and that XYZ school offered her $ABC. She can ask if they have any merit aid that she can apply for in order to tip the balance so she can go there. If she meets their demographic, they will offer her some aid. This happened to me when applying to a state school in another state -- I think that they wanted more out-of-staters.


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Re: Paying for College.
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Thank you Stan. We will definitely be doing that depending upon how things unfold.