Author Topic: Has anyone thought about long term care insurance?  (Read 1281 times)


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Has anyone thought about long term care insurance?
« on: March 12, 2019, 09:29:19 PM »
Hi Friends!  Wanted to get your thoughts on something that has come up in discussion with my friends. Were all aging Gen X...probably all still reeling a bit from Luke Perrys passing.

Weve started talking about long term care insurance and whether its worth the cost. On 5he one hand, its an expense that we might not ever need. On the other have, it can be an extremely costly expense item where insurance might really help.

Has anyone done any analysis on this one. Would love to hear your thoughts. Would also love to hear and thoughts on costs of LTC insurance. Its been hard to find much info, as every sales person wants to set up a meeting and give me their spin.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have on the topic!