Author Topic: Has anyone followed Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover?  (Read 37514 times)


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Re: Has anyone followed Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover?
« Reply #100 on: August 23, 2015, 08:25:38 PM »
DR is great for people who are clueless; while not optimal in many ways, it will get someone who is "deep in do-do" out.  I don't like the "Churchiness" of it.  I have never heard him speak to a partnered/married same sexed, unmarried, or unmarried single Mom (obviously, those calls are screened out...).  Suze Orman gives pretty optimal advise, but I don't always agree with her.  I follow some of each as well as MMM.  I don't agree with MMM's (lack of) emergency fund advise, especially in this abysmal job market.

I get inspired by all.  I watch Suze's free video clips on CNBC.  I occasionally listen to Dave Ramsey and I follow these blogs.

+1. Could have written this exact response myself. I'm not going to drink ANYONE's koolaid, but I will take the parts that make sense/have stood the test of time/work with my lifestyle and leave the parts that don't fit. I have recommended DR as a starting point for SO MANY of my friends, though... and some make it through. some don't. Only the most extreme/successful types will I recommend MMM. If one cannot figure out that spending $6k/mo while earning $4k/mo is a big problem before it becomes a HUGE problem, well... they need to start somewhere and DR deals with that pretty well IMO. Suze caters to more yuppy lifestyles, but in general they are the same message.