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Title: GoogleFi in the Country
Post by: Velexia on April 17, 2019, 07:59:00 PM
I promised I'd leave feedback after I had used GoogleFi for a while. Living in the country (where Verizon refused to sell me service because of location and AT&T only grandfathered me in) means cell service is spotty at best.

GoogleFi claimed they covered my area, so I went for it. Yes, it does work about as good as my AT&T service works. However something they don't tell you is that if you're using a non-GoogleFi-ready phone like my Samsung Galaxy 8, Wi-Fi Calling stops working. That means where I live (underground mostly, the way the house is built), I get NO SIGNAL and can't compensate with Wi-Fi Calling. I have to physically leave my house and walk up the driveway to make a phone call. I was on the phone with GoogleFi support for over an hour with the final result being 'Sorry, get a GoogleFi-Ready phone.'

If anyone has a remedy around this (I also have a skype 'landline' I was going to get rid of but now am holding onto because of this problem) I would love to hear it. Otherwise - people living in bunkers beware!