Author Topic: Go to a new Job or Not  (Read 1352 times)


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Go to a new Job or Not
« on: October 08, 2017, 08:36:48 PM »

Sooooo, we are new here.
 Please forgive us if we make any mistakes..

My family and I are in a current situation. Before the school year ended last year,  DW asked  job for a raise, she put it in writing and when they did come back with an offer it was so low it was not even funny. She cried in the grocery store. She was the lowest paid teacher, but yet the hardest working one in the school. She searched for jobs during the summer and did not find one. So when it was time for her to go back in September, she asked again, and was even given so many excuses of why her salary could not be raised.  She resigned when she left that day. Of  course the resignation was for 30 days.
She has a friend that got a new job and recommended her for a position, she interviewed and got the position, and signed and offer letter. This new job takes her out of the classroom, its more admin and she will have her own office, and it pays more. But in taking this job we will have to spend the money ( all of the salary increase) on our DS#2 that is autistic to get back and forth to school and to have a babysitter for a short while until either of us get home. We did not encounter this problem last year because DS#1 was a high school senior and was here to help out. He is now a freshman in college ( no loans; scholarships, grants and cash payments)  Thank God.
So fast forward; They have pulled my wife in the office 2 times to increase her salary. She asked for it in writing last week and again yesterday. Tom is her last day. Of course nothing in writing.
Let me add, the current employer has a habit of saying they will increase salary and they never to it.  Where do they do this? We are expats, sooo that tells you.
DW is heart broken that she will have to leave her class but,.  I keep telling her we have to think about family, and not others all on the time. She is very soft hearted, but comes home so stressed out from the current job. We also do side jobs.... Yes! We are trying to get debt free and have one Hell of a journey ahead of us and she does not mind working.

So what do you say?


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Re: Go to a new Job or Not
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2017, 03:53:53 AM »
Your wife deserves to get a job where she feels appreciated, also financially. Even if that means eating up her raise to watch your DS#2.
Don't trust employers who don't want to put things in contract.


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Re: Go to a new Job or Not
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2017, 07:36:18 AM »
Even if they came over right now, gave her something in writing and an envelope full of cash as a sign-on bonus you would still tell them to stick it up their asses.