Author Topic: Moving to Boulder, CO Area... Where to Live?  (Read 2043 times)


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Moving to Boulder, CO Area... Where to Live?
« on: July 28, 2014, 10:36:33 AM »
Howdy all! First post here, but a long time lurker...

I'm a youngin' moving into my first residence and am close to finalizing a job in Boulder. I work as a software engineer and even if this opportunity does fall through I've been seriously considering moving up there anyway, as my recent forays into the freelancing world have been more successful than anticipated. However, while looking for lodging I've been quite dismayed at the overpriced apartment living that seems to dominate the Boulder area (a side effect of the university, I suspect). An apartment is not totally out of the question, but I'd very much like to *not* spend over a grand per month on a place that induces claustrophobia (and comes with renters fees, no in unit laundry, thin walls, etc. etc.) just to be in a "hip" area. Does anyone here have any suggestions for a good neighborhood where I could potentially rent a smaller house, preferably with a backyard? I'd like to be close to boulder, as that is where the potential main office would be, however I plan on doing a lot of skiing/mountain biking and will occasionally have to work/spend the day in Denver. If any fellow mustachians have places they are renting out feel free to speak up!


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Re: Moving to Boulder, CO Area... Where to Live?
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2014, 11:00:30 AM »
Try Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, and the MMM favorite--Longmont. Good luck!


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Re: Moving to Boulder, CO Area... Where to Live?
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2014, 08:17:03 PM »
I'm in the Boulder area. You can find good deals if you look hard enough or are patient, and living with roommates helps a lot. 2 and 3 bedroom places go for only a little more than 1 bedrooms. Most of the housing here is paces built in the 70's, or overpriced newer apartments. Many of the 70's places are ugly on the outside, but nice on the inside. Unfortunately it looks like laundry was not popular in the 70's, so it can be hard to find a place with hookups.

You might find some info on

Outside boulder is only a little cheaper, but you might get a nicer place for the money. For me it's worth it to live near work and have a 2 mile bike commute and less than a 4 mile bike ride to anywhere in town (groceries, dinner/drinks, hikes, mountain biking, etc).

When you get here we should meet up to go mountain biking or skiing!


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Re: Moving to Boulder, CO Area... Where to Live?
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2014, 11:02:33 PM »
If you want to live in Boulder, it's going to be ridiculously expensive.    I still don't understand how people can afford to buy houses there.     That being said, there's lots of opportunities for affordable rentals, especially if you don't mind a roommate situation.    Try to stay away from anywhere within walking distance of the university or "The Hill."    Unless you're into the whole loud party scene.     North Boulder is a lot cheaper than South Boulder, but it's not as hip and not as walkable always.

Longmont (where MMM lives) is a really cool up and coming town not too far from Boulder.    There's still lots of cheap real estate and nice walkable downtown.   

I live in Broomfield because I have a family and I can't stand all the "it's all good" Boulderites that are really just seething with rage.   Don't get me started on Boulder people, lots of douchebags with zero self awareness.     But I digress, you'll probably love the bikability and endless supply of attractive women.

Good Luck