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Selling my ,,stuff"
« on: December 24, 2016, 01:15:59 PM »

I've got plenty books to sell. I will choose only 5-10$ (or more in value) to sell (even though it's pretty much as I am student).

In my country we use following sites to sell (feel free to delete this part; I do not advertise them, but I want to give examples; Just to show how do people look for ,,stuff";what is important in selling):
allegro pl
olx pl

Now on, please do not delete following part :D

Antiquarian bookshop - no way at the moment. They just pay you pennies for my books.

My idea:
Create specific spreadsheet with main data (price, title, author, condition).
I would put only the most valuable books on sites to advertise my collection, then people can contact me and I will show them link to my collection.

My questions:
Do you have an idea how can I link photos to my spreadsheet? (as I heard photos allow to attract 200% more people).
CMS and free hosting seems too complicated/,,overthought" (would be difficult to promote link to personal page on ,,giant" site).
I do not want to put 1 item - 1 sale (too much pain, return is not guaranteed).
I will probably not use the biggest auction site for smaller players - I need to pay for each unsold item too. Although they offer some kind of automation.

Or do you have any other idea how can I optimize it?
I will probable use your solutions for other items in the future, but now I will sell mainly books (ideas for scalability).