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Title: FIRE Jitters & OMY syndrome are Nipping at my Heels!
Post by: Gimesalot on July 20, 2017, 09:29:10 AM
After 4 years of savings and cutting costs, the time to FIRE is drawing closer.  Originally, the plan was to work through 2017 and a few months into 2018 after which, we would leave the U.S. and move to South America. 

However, thereís been some developments that have might change our plans:


The rub is that I know that this run-up of the market is not sustainable long-term, 10 year horizon.  Thereís been a lot of chatter on the board about the P/E being at all-time highs, a potential correction, the importance of the first 10 years, etc.  So Iím starting to get worried that we arenít financially ready to pull the plug.  Essentially, OMY syndrome.

Now for the numbersÖ
Cash: 13k
Trading Accounts: $209k
Retirement (401k, IRAs, HSA): $409k
Total: $631k

Total rental income: $57.5k
Profit (PITI, PM, Vacancies, repairs, taxes, etc): $8k <-- this is the most conservative estimate

Spending: $24k to $26k (visiting in November to get a better understanding of costs)
Barebones budget: $17.5k (still leaves a few luxuries to stay sane)
Withdrawal Rate: 2.7%

In my rational mind, I know that this is an incredibly low rate that will most likely leave me rich beyond my imagination.  On the flip side, I keep thinking about all of the things that could go wrong and leave us poor and destitute.
Your advice and input are much appreciated!
Title: Re: FIRE Jitters & OMY syndrome are Nipping at my Heels!
Post by: mozar on July 20, 2017, 11:22:44 AM
Personally I would've retired yesterday, but I can see how that could feel a little tight. Are you going to keep the rental when you move? And how much do you think you'll get from the sale of the house? Maybe lay out some scenarios you are worried about to get it off your chest.
Title: Re: FIRE Jitters & OMY syndrome are Nipping at my Heels!
Post by: spokey doke on July 20, 2017, 11:29:06 AM
Tough sure of those budget numbers are you (good for you if you can pull it off with those modest numbers)?

How about the really unhappy one at work quits and takes on making sure the renovations get done while the other continues to work until it is all buttoned up?  If things go south in the meantime, you'll have one job in addition to the rental while you recalculate