Author Topic: Food safe finishes for countertops  (Read 1106 times)


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Food safe finishes for countertops
« on: November 09, 2018, 05:35:29 PM »
Hello, I'm considering installing a wooden countertop for my kitchen (sink area included) and in the country that I am that's just not a thing, so there's almost no know how about it. So I was wondering what type of food safe finish (or at least safe enough for a countertop) people most commonly use for sealing and improving the durability the wood. A google search actually gave me more doubts than answers since most info that came up was about butcher blocks.

Here I found for sale PU varnish, a "maritime" varnish (the few people that have wooden countertops here seem to prefer this), epoxy resin, stain and various oils.

Am I overthinking this? I will not actually eat or prepare food directly from the countertop, but still...