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Family Car
« on: February 16, 2013, 03:22:49 PM »
We just had our first born and we are looking at trading in to get a new vehicle.  We live in Wisconsin so Hybrids do not do as well as other places.  That said the best mustache ride I found with good cargo room is a Prius V.  The issue I'm having is the car has only been out two years and even low mileage ones are running $24k.  The car has a proven track record of getting 40+ in cold weather states so I am comfortable with the EPA estimates.  The other comparable hybrid is the Ford C-Max, but the EPA estimates are extremely high and there are reports of people getting as low as 32MPG in cold states.  Are there other options out there that would a better fit?  I'm looking for a mustache ride with good cargo space.
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Re: Family Car
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Don't use MPG as the only metric to buy a car.  A $12k car that gets 20mpg will go 60,000 miles w/ a gas price of $4.00/gal on the extra $12k that you'd have spent getting the $24k car.