Author Topic: Face-punch worthy? Should I walk to work?  (Read 10557 times)


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Re: Face-punch worthy? Should I walk to work?
« Reply #50 on: January 28, 2018, 05:29:55 PM »
I'll echo everyone's support!  Welcome to the club and congrats on doing it in winter!  You're harder core than I am!


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Re: Face-punch worthy? Should I walk to work?
« Reply #51 on: January 28, 2018, 05:51:17 PM »
More support from me, for including some walks occasionally!

My walking commute is a minimum of 2.6km each way, if I walk the exact optimum route. There are a million options (inner city with lots of parkland) though so its often a couple of hundred metres or so more. I often also will duck past the supermarket, or drop off/pick my daughter up from School too.

I've had this commute (new home and work location) since March 2017. In that time I've had about 8 weeks off, of it, inc work trips away.

I've been training in the gym, though this is very much muscle building/toning (not body building, aiming for strength endurance overall), and my diet has improved a little more. But I've lost 8-9kg in that time. I suspect that diet is about 2kg of that, gym 1kg. The rest, the walking commute.

You don't have to walk, or bike everyday, you can mix it up. Say one day per week do the walk, or bike in, leave the bike, walk home, walk in, bike home, etc. Its good to vary your fitness excercises :-) Walking commuting I love...I used to bike commute, but much prefer the lower futz factor of walking. I just change my shirt if its hot weather. I don;'t have to worry about safe storage of my bike at each end, locks, etc. Don't have to ever worry about helmet and lights. If its wet, its much much easier (even with excellent mudguards and flaps) to stay dry and comfortable walking, using an umbrella (a good quality one works well in high wind). Don't ever have to worry about punctures and other mechanical bike issues that could come up.

But its great to see everyone with support in here and the OP doing a bike commute! YOU BADASS!!!