Author Topic: Exploring for-profit employment after a non-profit career -- suggestions, advice  (Read 1494 times)


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Posted in my journal about my job woes.   Starting to seriously wonder if the crap I am putting up with in my non-profit job is worth it.  But not sure how well my skills would transfer to the for-profit world and whether or not I could deal with it.  Probably would be fine, as my current non-profit is big and corporate-esque in many ways, including many of the standard dysfunctions of the for-profit world.  And my previous organization was like a quirky startup in lots of ways, with its own range of dysfunction.  I'm well equipped to deal with dysfunction, it seems!  And I am pretty good at general program/project management stuff.  Could possible work in an HR function as well.  But what I really like is program development and program management, as long as I am able to continue to tweak and optimize systems. 

Any advice or suggestions from Mustachians who have moved between the non-profit and for-profit world?

One of the reasons I'm considering it is that the non-profit options in Beijing are limited and the possibility for increasing my current compensation without adding huge amounts of stress are limited.  I think my options would increase exponentially if I was looking in other fields as well.


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I think step one would be demonstrating that you understanding not only the day-to-day technical skills of your job but also the  business model and economics of the specific business you would like to enter. That helped me get my current job and I think also adds a lot of value to my current role. I'm only a so-so [insert job description here], but I think I have a superior understanding of our business model and challenges. And that benefits me at work.

By the way, we should have a China meet-up sometime. I posted about it before but the idea died.


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I would be curious to hear others' thoughts as well.  I am in education and have always wondered what kinds of skills (technical or "soft") that get people jobs in other sectors.


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lhamo, glad to hear you're considering other options! Interested to know more about the non-profit you're in...think you'd mentioned a grant-giving org? Is there an element of the grants you work with (type of grants, what they're used for, etc) which would be applicable to a corporation in the US or China? Are you looking more closely at one country or the other?

@InnerScorecard I'd be interested in a China meet-up, too!