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Title: Experiences going back to school after FIRE?
Post by: YoungInvestor on March 21, 2019, 07:26:47 PM

While I've always had an interest in science and doing research, I chose to pursue a field in which a good work-life balance and high salary would be achievable. This worked in that I am now in a fairly high paying job (120-140k/year in my mid-20s) which I do enjoy, even though it's not a passion.

Due to this, I've always had this secret plan of going back to school to study biomedical sciences as a sort of second career without financial imperatives.

I'm set to reach a basic FIRE at around 32-34 years old, perhaps sooner if my salary continues to increase. So assuming I'd be in my mid-30s, I'm wondering what it would be like to be a student among people in their late teens at that age.

Also, if I choose to pursue scientific research, I'm looking at being a grad student in my 40s. Somehow it feels like that would be awkward. It also feels like doing what you want is the whole point of FI anyway.

Do some people here have similar objectives or is anyone going through (or went through) that process? What should I do to make sure that's the right decision?

Even if you have different goals, any thoughts? I'm sure lots of people with different objectives have similar concerns.

Thank you!