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Re: Expensive eyewear / contact lenses
« Reply #50 on: June 17, 2020, 05:01:38 AM »
OP, I'll bet you and I wear the same kind of dailies! I've fought the same battles over the 30 years I've had corrective lenses. Monthlies, two-weeklies, weekly, dailies, soaking solutions, bubbling solutions. Dailies are expensive and my Mustachian heart hates it. BUT, it's my vision. I'll save money somewhere else to afford the perfect solution for me. (pun intended)

I absolutely hate wearing glasses. My last pair lasted over 10 years as I rarely wear them.  My vision is so poor that I can't see anything outside of the corrective lenses. So I trip over thresholds and knock things over that I'm not looking directly at. My current pair are $14.95 from I'm wearing them because I'm having ICL surgery in three weeks!! I'm not a candidate for LASIK.

Best of luck with whatever you decide! It's not as if you're throwing away money on tobacco or a gambling addiction. My $0.02 cents.

This is where I'm at as well.  Daily contacts are in the "not the cheapest option, but definitely worth it" category for me.

To the OP: at the heart of the Mustachian philosophy is not being as cheap as possible at everything - it's thoughtfulness about your spending habits, and making sure you're only spending on things that are worth it *for you*.  In another sub-board on these forums there are a couple threads about all the things that aren't necessarily cheap, but are worth it to the individual in question - very much in the same spirit as this discussion.