Author Topic: Estate planning attorneys $3500 vs $2000. What's going to be different?  (Read 509 times)


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I talked to two different estate planning attorneys and one if 50% more expensive than the other. The cheaper attorney ($2000) said I'd have to take care of working with the county to have my house in the trust and bank accounts etc. The expensive one said he could do it but did not confirm as I forgot to ask. Now my question is, does it matter? In the end they draft the plan as we say it so does it really matter whom I go with? Am I missing something?


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It comes down to experience and speed. We paid a pretty penny to have all of our paperwork done. $3,100ish (and I think a second bill is in the mail today) But we wanted our trust to be iron clad. We have some estranged family, and I wanted it prenup valid for when my DD got  married.

Both lawyers passed the Bar. Go with the one you like.


Wow, a phone plan for fifteen bucks!