Author Topic: Electric bike questions  (Read 1884 times)


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Electric bike questions
« on: May 25, 2016, 08:11:56 PM »
I think an electric bike would be a good transportation option for my 21 year old son.  He lives at home and works for a temp agency doing general labor.  He does not want to get a drivers' license.

He needs something that can get him to/from work sites around town and to/from the grocery store - probably no more than 20 miles per day.  I hope he can ride it year round or nearly year round.  I also hope he can use it to carry his groceries from the store to his apartment.

His grandfather has offered to help him buy one and he has money in the bank, so I think his budget is $1K-$3K.

What are the key decision points for him to consider?

The ones I know of so far:

1.  Price
2.  Range

Are there good brands?  Brands to stay away from?  What do you think of Pedego bikes?

Technologies to get?  Technologies to stay away from?

I'm inclined to have him buy one through one of the local electric bike stores.  Good idea?  Bad idea?

In a few years if he needs a new battery or just needs maintenance, is that going to be a problem?

Thanks all!


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Re: Electric bike questions
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2016, 10:38:20 PM »
Is he already biking/have a decent bike?  I would be cautious about dropping serious money on an ebike if he isn't already set up to ride a regular bike.  The initial cost of lights, clothes, and other gear can wipe out the financial benefits of biking if you are not sure you will stick with it, not to mention the cost of the ebike. 

On the positive side of the coin, I had no previous experience working on bikes, but am reasonably handy and I added a mid drive kit to an existing bike for much less cost than a new ebike.  Ebiking has been great because I can get to work faster and less sweaty than with a regular bike.  Check out some of the other ebike threads and really analyze what type of commute/biking he will be doing.  The motor type, battery size, and bike that you buy are all factors in making the right decision. Good luck.


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Re: Electric bike questions
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2016, 01:51:53 AM »
DH and I bought Pedego Comfort Cruisers 3 years ago. We love them and use them constantly, but the market and prices have changed a lot since then, so I would investigate before fixing on a brand.