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Ecommerce questions.
« on: August 15, 2016, 09:50:28 AM »
Had another post about building a website, and thought about continuing that  discussion, but would like to shift gears slightly.

Has anyone ever used Shopify?

Watched hours of videos, and sifted through just as many articles, majority are positive. Even if you link through Obrelo and use Aliexpress, there is a good amount of customer satisfaction with products. As long as the Ecommerce owner did his/her research before listing.

The negative articles appear to be new Ecommerce owner issues, such as poor web layout, listing products for more than competitors, and only using one avenue of advertising. One thing that really sticks out is how to pick good items from Aliexpress, and how many new sites don't do their homework which results in negative feed back, longer than usual shipping, and other issues.

Sounds great if you're smart about who you do business with, and have the ability to really apply yourself with marketing.

However, are there any other drop shippers that are located in the US? They seem to be hard to find, and would love to build an online Ecommerce site to help cover living expenses while wife is still in recovery mode.

Anyone else having success with Shopify?