Author Topic: As I transition from reckless spending to Mustachian Zen...  (Read 1151 times)


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Upon first discovering MMM, I posted my initial progress in this post (

Since then, I've made progress, but would love to hear experienced Mustachians' thoughts and feedback on what I could or should be doing better.

Looking back at June, my total expenses were $2,942. $1,442 of this is shown in the attached spending by category. $1,500 isn't shown there, but is an amount owed as part of a business buyout ($1,500 monthly at zero interest for approx. 20 more months).

Obviously I have room to improve in food and dining. This is probably my weakest spot, from what I can tell. I'm aiming to reduce this in July, and continually reduce it.

I'm still starting out and frankly a little overwhelmed by all the factors I need to consider, so I would love to hear from experienced Mustachians on where I should think about focusing my efforts for maximum impact.

Thank you!


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Re: As I transition from reckless spending to Mustachian Zen...
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2016, 04:54:12 AM »
I don't know that I qualify as an experience Mustachian but here's my 2 cents worth.

1. Food and dining seems high as you note. Can you separate out grocery buying from eating out? Seems like that might be useful information.

2. Health and Fitness also seems really high to me. What are you spending that on?

3. Misc. Expenses - what is that money going on?

Good job for starting to think about this. Don't get overwhelmed and don't feel that you need to consider all the factors at once. Just work on improving.