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Mustachian Halloween ideas
« on: October 26, 2019, 08:45:13 AM »
I buy costumes for 4 (2 kids, 2 adults) for Halloween + candies for kids who come to our door + decorations.

All in all, our halloweens cost me $200-$300 even after going el-cheapo on the costumes (consignment stores/savers/goodwill), reusing decorations year over year, limiting spend on the mums (fall flowers), having daughter create a some decorations as fun projects instead of buying etc. etc.

$200+ for Halloween does not seem mustachian at all. What do you guys do? How much do you spend?

Paging @Frankies Girl, since your scarecrow idea saved me at least 15 bucks already this year.


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Re: Mustachian Halloween ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2019, 09:21:36 AM »
Disclaimer: We are big grumps and donít do any house decorations for any holiday. But other than that, our costumes this year are borrowed from my wifeís work: lab coat +safety goggles +nitrile gloves for her and hard hat+construction vest for me. If you donít have things you can borrow, maybe try setting up a Halloween costume swap with your kidsí friends so they trade costumes and nobody has to be the same thing the next year? For adults, I usually just wear the same thing every year, and itís usually something really dumb and easy, like this ridiculous lion mane hat thing that I got in some free pile.

Frankies Girl

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Re: Mustachian Halloween ideas
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2019, 03:10:13 PM »
Depends on what you're going for, but you can spend SO MUCH MONEY on holiday stuff!

I honestly think $200 is actually VERY good for a family of 4, costumes/decor/flowers AND getting a few bags of candy.

I build most all my decorations and just add to the theme each year. I used to buy stuff, but I have reached "saturation point" on things that break down too often or aren't exactly what I think will work with the ongoing theme. I have 3 that pack away in our house/garage and still have room to store a car and lawn stuff and closest space to spare and I don't live in a large house. I rotate through them and any given year I have no idea what Halloween is going to feel like to me. Keeps it fresh, but also if you already have a set base of decorations, you really don't have to go crazy AND you also figure out after a year or two how to streamline setup and takedown.

So main thing is find a good theme you can either easily add to if you feel like it, but stands up well all by itself. Think about your yard decorations as the stage of a play. You can setup a lovely display without going nuts every year, and just repeat it as a theme. Add a few new pieces if you find something in the after clearances, or come across something cool in a thrift store for cheap. But a theme is a GOOD thing because it means you really don't have to spend more to still have a cool display.

There is a house a few blocks from me that has a standard theme (instead of like me that rotates through several). It's easy and cheap and unlikely to take up much space but is really, really cool: The SPIDER house. Bagged webs stretched out over all the bushes, trees, etc., simple yarn webs in some strategic spots (yarn/twine is super cheap), about 10 LARGE spiders (black and brown with the big wire bendy legs) arranged in several spots, a "spider victim" which is just a skeleton wrapped up in some webbing and hung i a tree with a few spiders, and I think 2 LED colored spots (bought cheaply after Halloween or X-mas) to give a spooky ambiance to the scene. I'll bet their spiders and victim and the lights all fit in a few plastic bins and they do buy the webbing each year, but it's cheap and really crazy nice looking.

My easy setup is a pumpkin/blowmold patch. This is the super easy I don't feel like doing a huge thing this year display. I set it up a day or two before. I have 35+ plastic/foamcore pumpkins and a few cool blowmolds and I just line the front of the house with them all, plug into the extension cords and maybe throw a few swirly lights out there. Its lovely and takes just an hour or two at the most to put up/take down. I keep all the cords back near the house so no worries about any kids running through the yard and tripping.

Things that help:

I buy things on clearance after the holiday. I also stack coupons for places like Target, Joanns, Michaels and such. My Halloween haunter site has a section that others share alerts about discounts and coupons and we also will buy things and ship them to each other (for cost + shipping and sometimes for free) if, for instance a friend on the east coast doesn't have any FANCYGHOSTTHING in stock in their area and person over in California found an extra one the day before. It's an amazing community. ;)

I find stuff using free/super cheap from craigslist/goodwill/thrift stores/garage sales/FB marketplace/Nextdoor. ALL of my blowmolds/pumpkins came from thrift stores for under $2, and I just toss them up on a garage shelf to store. Scored FREE vintage blowmolds 3+ times in one of the craigslist free sections where someone just announced stuff on the curb. But I also make sure to ABC - always be checking - on holiday stuff (I'm a thrift store junky anyway) even if it's the middle of June. I have PLANS and they involve saving as much money as possible while still scoring awesome stuff for the big day.

I have some BEAUTIFUL yellow and harvest gold mums blooming in my yard right now. I bought them from a discount garden seller marks their inventory to 70% and bought my mums in 4" pots for $1.50/each, then planted them myself. I love some of the fancy pots and GIANT ones you see in some of the stores/supermarkets but I know my mums will look gorgeous if I get them into some decent dirt and I enjoy a little gardening besides.

I got our candy (we get around 100-150 TOTs) at Target this year because I have a target card, use their Circle app and got stacked discounts of BOGO 50% off, + $5 coupon (they send those out randomly or for birthdays now or just getting your flu shot there) PLUS extra %5 off for the card... so 4 giant sized bags of fancy brand cost me under $20. I price check all the time for this stuff.

I build stuff. I'm not super mechanically inclined so my stuff may not hold up for long (I use lots of free coroplast/cardboard and oops paint for instance), but I am a  member of a Halloween site that has thousands of like-minded that happen to be a fantastic hive mind of creatives/electronic/mechanical geniuses and they all enjoy sharing their work and how to build stuff ( You can find tutorials, get ideas or help, brainstorm and all kinds of stuff on there.

I know how to sew, and patterns and fabric can be super cheap. BUT generally not as cheap as the thrift store costumes. So I do a bit of checking for basic costumes if I'm pretty sure they'll be common enough to show up, but I will just go buy the fabric/patterns if I have a special idea in mind. And if you think you might like to be X next year, check FB marketplace and Nextdoor and see if anyone has that costume after Halloween for super cheap.

SELL the stuff you know you're not going to use again if there's any chance it's worth anything. Costumes don't bring in the big bucks so much, but props and especially things bought from any Spirit/Spencer's type of place have cult followers and can net you what you paid at sometimes. There's a for sale section and wanted to buy section on my Halloween site I mentioned and it's amazing the stuff people just HAVE to have - the little Halloween succulents Target had this year sold out online and if anyone scored them they could likely find a good home for some $ easily, pillows from Ross, a 2014 Spirit animated character, Pier One did a series of animal/Halloween paintings one year that are super hard to find now and can fetch a nice premium. ;)

Not sure any of this helps much, but I'll stop here so I don't write an entire novel on this stuff. :D

But TL/DR, you're probably doing just fine if you are thrifting/shopping cheap/free sections on social media and checking sales, maybe try building some things yourself to see if you like it/save money in the process. 


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Re: Mustachian Halloween ideas
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2019, 06:00:04 PM »
We use the same minimal decorations year after year, and donít buy adult costumes. This year DS started to make himself a robot costume out of cardboard and itís been coming out well - but then changed his mind :(. So we are out of $50 for a fancy costume from Amazon


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