Author Topic: Do You Manage Multiple Facebook Pages as a Business? Help Please.  (Read 813 times)


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My side-hustle is expanding and I'm looking at posting Facebook content (mostly original videos I've created) for multiple business Facebook Pages.

For example, let's say I've created 100 videos that are relevant to dentistry, tooth care, etc. I advertise to dentists across the country (ideally one per community) and say, "Do you hate keeping up with Facebook and never know what to post and don't want to waste your staff's time with Facebook content?" Pay me a small annual fee and I'll schedule relevant videos to appear automatically on your Facebook page twice a week and you won't have to worry about it. The nice thing about this setup is that I can use the same videos for all the clients because no one is going to be following multiple dentist offices from different communities. I've already created the content, I create a calendar and then set up a 3rd party software to post it to all the pages on a schedule.

Before I start advertising, I really want to talk with someone who already does this. I am 99.9% sure we won't be working in the same market/business field(dentists are just an example - my area is a very specific niche). But would love to confirm my business model, ask about potential pitfalls, and ask a few questions about FB processes.

I'm not looking at providing other services (I don't want to spend the time to manage FB ads, don't want to manage their analytics, don't want to monitor content, and don't want to mess with other channels (twitter, instragram, etc) at this point. I want to keep this very simple and streamlined on my end.

Anybody do this already and willing to chat?