Do you have a budget?

Yes, and I *need* it to keep my spending under control.
2 (1.2%)
Yes, I use it to set goals to keep my spending lower than it would otherwise be.
47 (29.2%)
Yes, but only to make sure my spending stays under control.
22 (13.7%)
No, but I use tools (Mint, Quicken, spreadsheets, etc.) to keep track of my spending.
65 (40.4%)
No, and I don't really keep track of my spending.
25 (15.5%)

Total Members Voted: 156

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Re: Do you have a budget?
« Reply #50 on: August 09, 2014, 06:03:36 PM »
Never had a budget on paper.  I've just played it by ear and never counted dollars. There have been a few tight months where the primary emergency fund was tapped.  Never once made a late payment, never paid credit card interest.   I've always paid myself first maxing out 401k and Roth before it reached my hands.  Started Ed IRAs at the birth of my children.   Paid off the mortgage in under 10 years and only financed cars when interest rate was so low it would be foolish not to.  If you fund all that first it's ok to splurge a little with the rest.  If you are the stern budget type do what is best for you.  Mainly if you don't have it don't spend it, especially on a non appreciating purchase.