Author Topic: Desired salary? What to say?  (Read 28761 times)


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Re: Desired salary? What to say?
« Reply #50 on: April 26, 2013, 03:08:57 PM »
Why the outright decline?

If you were open to accepting a better offer it seems countering with something you found acceptable would leave them an easier path to increase their offer than simply relying on their willingness to outbid the original offer.

Laying out a counter offer that takes them from where you are today to your counter at least keeps the lines of communication open.  I don't think it would burn any bridges to say I am making $X today with Y weeks of vacation and the job your are offering requires that I move (+A%), live in a higher COLA (+B%) and have more responsibility (+C%).  As a result, I can't justify the change for anything less than X*(1+(A+B+C)) and Y weeks of vacation.  If policy does not allow Y weeks of vacation, I value each week of vacation at Z.

Maybe they can't go that high, but since you indicated a range of $80k-$90k earlier, it shouldn't come as a shock.


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Re: Desired salary? What to say?
« Reply #51 on: April 26, 2013, 06:00:22 PM »
Why the outright decline?

Basically because during the time between my last interview with them and now I realized that I wouldn't really enjoy working there. I was looking at it as a means to an ends and when the offer came in where it did after them insisting on disclosing my current salary and my desired salary I thought it not worth my time or theirs. I left the door open just a tad that if they really want me they can still come after me. I have had a sketchy company (in the interview they told me they like to clean house every 2 to 3 years) do that in the past. But I doubt they will. Had it not been for the potential I saw at company B I may have just taken it. But I think I would have gotten right back to where I am mentally after about a year and been the poorer for it.

I'm gonna take the weekend to try and collect myself. Figure out what I really am looking for. And then jump back into the search. I think I may just have to open myself up to some other locations where the pay and cost of living aren't so bad.


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Re: Desired salary? What to say?
« Reply #52 on: April 26, 2013, 08:55:12 PM »
So company A made me an offer. And as I feared it is low. It barely covers the difference in rent. My net after paying for rent and such would probably be less than I am bringing in now (other than the bonus). Vacation time is low as well. I would lose almost 2 weeks compared to what I have today. But there is a potential for a bonus.

And of course I attempted to call my contact at company B but she is off today. Company A said they would like an answer by Friday if I can but Monday at the latest. I am debating between trying to reach someone else at company B and see if they can give me an update or just try calling first thing tomorrow morning. I would email but assuming she is off off it may be faster to call first thing tomorrow morning. And if they can't move fast enough (which I expect it would be hard to get the last interview and an offer together that fast) it puts me in a tough position. I have to look over the package tonight (they emailed me the details and I can't really look them over at work).

Obviously everything is dependent on company B still wanting to consider me. But assuming that is true I am leaning towards just telling company A a polite no thank you and hoping that company B comes through. Thoughts?

Yes, whomever on here said that they meant well doesn't do much hiring.  In my industry/company, "how much are you making now?" is an opportunity to get you for the least amount possible.

Negotiate more.  Give them a counter off, and be sure you ask for more vacation and salary.


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