Author Topic: Cut cable while maintaining kids and wife happy? i.e. keep MAD TV and Dr. Phil  (Read 2765 times)


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So...I cut my cable once.  I have a Tivo Series 2 DVR.  One thing I didn't expect was that TIVO Series 2 would NOT work with antenna coming in.  Only have a tuner for Cable.  I mean, really?

Also, and this was a deal breaker in my house - no Mad TV (Cartoon Network), nor Dr. Phil (can't seem to find Dr. Phil online anywhere).

In the end, have cable back and internet.  Comcast prices in a very interesting way: if you want just high speed (which I need for work and kids/wife use a lot as well), you will pay something like $60.  If you get basic cable + high speed, you pay $80.  So at that point only $20 difference.  Plus, my TIVO can record again.  Not worth cutting cable and getting Hulu for $10/month.  Still no Tivo and still no Dr. Phil nor Mad TV.

Anyone have suggestions?  Always looking to cut cable, but has to make sense.


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Guessing your Series 2 TiVo is a lifetime subscription? All you need is a DTV tuner that'll work with it and a good antenna, works just fine. We've got a Series 2 Humax TiVo w/DVD player and lifetime subscription that we recently inherited from family who couldn't get it to work with their cable subscription anymore... total cost on the setup since we already had the DTV tuner? Electricity and a few minutes of setup, and we've found we stream even less off Hulu now because of it as commercial skipping is easier. Do keep in mind that you will need the IR blaster cable. That should take care of both your TiVo and "Doctor" Phil.

As for Mad TV? BAM. Same amount per season to purchase in SD than the difference in your cable bill each month. Now if only the S2 TiVo supported Amazon VOD downloads... oh wait.

It's that or deep self examinations asking why you need these shows in your life and why you're willing to pay hundreds of dollars a year to watch them. I think I just found a topic for McGraw to examine.
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