Author Topic: Crowdsourcing Adventure Ideas for Career Break ~December 19 March/April 20  (Read 971 times)

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Im taking a hiatus from the stresses of a big law career. I tentatively plan to backpack, cycle, kayak, travel, etc. from December until March/April 2020 (I'll stay out as long as I need to recover). I know a lot of mustachios have taken time both pre & post FIRE to travel and focus on health and wellness and Im hoping that someone has some experience adventuring during this time of year.

As a touchstone: I would really like to do something like hike the Pacific Crest Trial, but this would be too ambitious for me right now (even if my break occurred during the US Summer). Ive considered walking the Camino de Santiago or cycling a EuroVelo route (but its probably the wrong time of year).

Anyone have a good adventure that theyve done, planned, dreamed about which would work during the winter (perhaps in the Southern Hemisphere?)

*I dont want the conversation to get derailed by budget/financial concerns. Ive set aside more money than Ill need for this, so any adventures that conform to mustachian principles will be fine from a $$$ perspective.
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Not a specific adventure plan, but one place you might consider going that time of year is New Zealand.  There are a million different outdoor activities available and the scenery is spectacular.

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Yeah, New Zealand is definitely on the list (I noticed that there a fairly cheep flights ~$300 from Honolulu if I stop over in Hawaii). Have you backpacked or cycled in New Zealand?


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We actually rented a car and drove since we were staying with people we knew, but hiking, biking and kayaking all seem like great options.  The scenery is simply spectacular. We did spend one day swimming with dolphins, which is still one of the top experiences of my life!


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Weve done 3 of these trips.

Trip 1: Wife and myself backpacking SE Asia, approximately 2 months in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam

Trip 2: Wife and myself 6 week motorcycle trip through Baja, Mx. From the U.S. to Cabo and back (about 3500 miles). We camped on the beach every other night. Cheap food, good times, beautiful scenery, friendly people.

Trip 3: Wife, myself, German Shepherd puppy - 2 month, 8000 mile North American camping trip. Starting in South Carolina, up through Michigan/Northern Peninsula, west to Black Hills, North to Banff, Jasper, Continental Divide trail down to Colorado, hopped off over to Ouray, then Grand Canyon. We did all of this in an old M416 military off road trailer with roof top tent. Aside for 3 nights at a friends, every other night was in the tent.

Of all these, as soon as our next contract position ends (maybe mid 2021) we plan to basically replicate trip 3. Weve sold our off road trailer and bought a small 17 casita trailer which will be even better for the longest, perfect trip. Were taking a two week trip in it this winter.


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Rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon would be great in March or April.  Average highs in March for the South Rim and North Rim are only 45-50 degrees, but down in the canyon it is 70.  Really nice time to go there.
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I can recommend:

Mendoza, Argentina.
Atacama desert.
Inca Trail.
New Zealand.


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Winter is a great time to bike the Baja Divide.


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Even though public transportation in New Zealand is terrific if you want to see the worm caves, penguins, or glaciers you will need your own car. It's common there to rent a van to sleep in and lots of places to park with public bathrooms. I personally didn't want to drive because they drive on the other side of the road and driving in their mountains is terrifying.


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I did NZ in the poshest way, via cruise ship and excursions. I loved every bit of it. I can't wait to go back and explore by car and by foot. Beautiful, endlessly varied terrain, warm, friendly people, great cities, great wilderness, great ocean experiences. When I go again, I'll be sure to include Tasmania.

BTW, yes, it's a spendy way to travel, but it was a bucket list trip for a dear friend who had a terminal cancer diagnosis. He was in fairly good health during the trip, but died a month after we returned.