Author Topic: Credit card - two purchases at same store, how long to wait between them?  (Read 2642 times)

yoga mama

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I have been filling my Target Red Card with my credit cards to accumulate miles.  The biggest pain is that now you can only load $1000 per transaction (used to be easy to load $2500 in one purchase but that doesn't work anymore).  You can load $2500 per day but if I'm using the same credit card, it will get declined if I make two large purchases in a row.  So I end up having to go to Target 5 different days if I want to maximize my benefit and load the $5000 max every month. 

Here's my question:  Anybody have any idea how long I could wait between purchases and not have the second transaction declined?  If I could do 2-3 transactions in one day, even if I had to kill some time in between, it would save me a few trips per month.


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Why not ask Target?


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or ask your credit card company

I notice that my USA cards are ok with two large purchases per day while ones I have in New Zealand aren't (I get a phone call asking if I made the purchase) so it makes me think it depends on the credit card company.


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just calll you CC company and tell them you're going to be making some large purchases at target so to not falg it for fraud

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Ok - I will call the credit card companies.  Good idea.  I don't think asking Target would help because the cc company is the one who will stop the purchase.  Thanks for responses!