Author Topic: Creative uses for an iPhone with broken wifi?  (Read 666 times)


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Creative uses for an iPhone with broken wifi?
« on: April 28, 2017, 10:43:27 AM »
My 4s just kicked the bucket as my phone because the wifi stopped functioning. As in, it doesn't even recognize the ability to use it (the button is completely greyed out). Searching on the internet yielded answers ranging from "get Apple to replace it", to "use a hairdryer and refrigerator to get it to work most likely only temporarily" to a complicated diagram that requires taking it apart and using a heating tool I don't own. Considering its age and it stopped getting the latest iOS months ago, I decided to replace it with a used phone off Swappa still under warranty.

All that to ask, this phone still functions as a phone, and we can hook it up to the computer to upload music or apps, so what to do with it? Obviously no one is going to buy it with broken wifi, so I was debating turning it into a pay as you go phone for our kids. They are of the age we are starting to leave them home alone, and with no home phone anymore (a fairly recent turn of events), I rely on FaceTime on our iPads to keep track of them. This won't work when they have to be somewhere else, though. Anyone aware of a cheap option for this?