Author Topic: Could use your help on a dying iPhone 6  (Read 1359 times)


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Could use your help on a dying iPhone 6
« on: November 06, 2016, 02:51:02 PM »
Hi wonderful peeps. I have an iPhone 6 that I rather like, except it has come down with a major case of what is probably touch disease. This means that the screen is periodically mostly unresponsive. This is a major pain in the bum and is driving me nuts. I took it in to the Genius Bar for help, but they really weren't able to do anything other than suggest I replace it or upgrade. I have been with AT&T for a long time. We have a family plan and I get a discount from work. I am no longer in contract. I would like your help in figuring out what to do next. I see the following options.

  • Replace the phone for $300
  • Upgrade to a iPhone 6S for $550
  • Look for a used iPhone online

I'm not too excited about a used phone because it could be afflicted with the same problem this one has. Since Apple isn't officially recognizing that the problem exists, it isn't officially screening for it or fixing it. It almost feels like option 1 isn't worth it since I could pay some more money and get a newer phone, but I could be persuaded otherwise. I'm not interested in paying for option 3 since having the latest phone isn't important to me. Since I know you will ask, I do not want to move away from Apple. I love the ecosystem they have built and my whole life just "works". I have a PC at work that I use extensively and though I know how to make it work, I just don't like it. I always prefer coming home to my Mac. I believe the parallel would hold true in the phone world as well.

That said, the reason the phone is expensive is because the carrier no longer subsidizes it, and there is no more requirement to be locked into a contract. That is all nice and good, except there is no corresponding decrease in monthly service charges. I am open to looking at another carrier and have been a little overwhelmed by the info available in the super guide. Can anyone in the Bay Area chime in on what works well for them? Some details on usage below.

  • My husband uses around 1GB of data a month
  • I use 2-3.5 GB of data a month
  • I send between 200-500 texts a month
  • My husband sends 50-100 texts a month

Our current plan is Unlimited voice & text plus 6 GB data on a shared family plan for $80/month, or $127 after taxes and fees. This includes a 25% discount I get through work for AT&T. My work does not provide discounts for other providers. What I haven't included so far is that my husband's company reimburses him for his part of the bill every quarter. This will continue no matter what carrier or plan we choose. In the big picture, we aren't paying that much for cell phone service so I have not been in a hurry to look to save here. With the phone breaking though, that prods me to consider all of my options. I appreciate your input.[/list]


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Re: Could use your help on a dying iPhone 6
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2016, 03:48:21 PM »
I've heard of touch disease, but while I have plenty of friends who have iPhones, I don't know anyone with a problem, so I'm hoping it's not widespread.  I, too, don't want to leave the Apple ecosystem. 

Airvoice wireless uses AT&T towers, but dang, that's a lot of data.  Those prices on the Airvoice site are what you pay - no extra taxes.  You could probably get away with $80/month, or less if you cut down on data.


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Re: Could use your help on a dying iPhone 6
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2016, 06:44:18 PM »
Maybe go to another Apple Store? Maybe their Genius Bar will be able to assist?

An iPhone 6 should have two or so years left in it.

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