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Austin Mustachians: A Question on Prospects
« on: November 02, 2014, 06:04:35 PM »
Mustachians of Austin, Texas:

I'm particularly interested in finding work in Austin. I have a friend living their now. He's a born-n-bred frugalist who has been with me through a lot of my maturing in college. His passion for the city has really fueled a desire in me to find work there if I can.

I work in libraries. If you check out my other posts, you'll quickly realize I live in a poverty-stricken location with little networking or advancement prospects. However, if there's a chance of finding my way to Austin, I want to jump on it with all available tools.

Are there any Mustachians among the libraries or universities of Austin who can give me an idea of what the prospects are for someone from the outside? I use the Chronicle of Higher Education, Austin City Jobs, Indeed, and INALJ to find postings of open positions (none so far), but beyond that I don't know anything from the ground level aside from what my friend can deliver. I'd like to know what the view is like from the inside. What it's like working in Austin Public or UT or St. Edwards (even though the jerks didn't call me back!)? Is Austin library friendly? Is it a city that can be tackled with a 50k salary (which is the max I tend to see on Austin jobs)?

Basically, I'd really like to talk to any Mustachians who have some knowledge of the Austin library or school (higher or secondary) circuit. Even if all I can find out is what it's like working at Austin Public, so much better. Then, I'll know the battlefield.


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Re: Austin Mustachians: A Question on Prospects
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2014, 08:18:30 PM »
Not from Austin, but here are some ideas:
1) Become fluent in Spanish (assuming that you aren't already) - this will be a huge selling point for many jobs
2) Consider employment in nearby areas as a way to work your way into Austin
3) Get networked via your field's associations/conventions


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