Author Topic: Continuing to work full time, but scaling down responsibility/seniority/income  (Read 1421 times)


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Has anyone pursued financial independence in order to take a step back from their stressful, high responsibility job and continue to work full time, but doing something with much lower responsibility and having no one report to them?

I'm currently in a management position and am overloaded with work, people constantly coming at me with problems and this requires me to work much longer hours than I get paid for. The stress and worry that comes with it just makes me tired and stressed out and unable to devote time to hobbies I enjoy and spend quality time with my partner. I used to be very outgoing and bubbly and train for triathlons but now I can't find the energy to exercise as much as I'd like or have time to spend with friends and family.

I'd really like to just do a more basic type role where I can do my allocated hours, have my 30-60 minute lunch break and pursue other things outside of work.

Has anyone become frugal and invested in order to live this way?


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Probably would be hard to do at current company. Are there other places you could apply?


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I've seen people do this, but not without some "plausible" reason--illness, childcare, getting older, etc. More common at my work is people actively turning down promotion--it's easier not to start doing all the extra responsibilities. Agree with maybe trying to start over with a new company/role.


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Yes I would look to go to a different company. My wife and I are looking at moving to a smaller city anyway so would have to look for a new company.


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At my company, the official policy if you ask for a demotion is that your pay stays the same or is capped at the highest amount of the lower level.

I recently returned to work after a medical LOA and my performance was suffering, and my managers threatened to demote me 2 levels (as punishment) until I went to HR to complain. HR soothed the tensions and said I could ask for a one level demotion and get paid the same, and they'd HAVE to take stuff of my plate to justify the demotion.

It seems too good to pass up. Less work and same pay, although I'd be at the high range of the lower level so probably no raises. But I am going to FIRE soon so who cares.

The funny thing is that my managers, I think, wanted to demote me because I was already at the high range of pay for my current level. I guess they don't know our company's policies well. Ha ha!


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I basically did this by switching to a job at a different organization with less responsibilities.  Same job title, but the role just happened to be easier stuff (for me, at least).  I took a very slight pay cut salary-wise, but with the reduced hours (old job was 40 hrs standard + too much overtime, new job is 37.5 hrs standard + little to no overtime), I am earning more per hour worked.  Work life balance went from non-existent to amazing and I'm super happy.  Still aiming for FI but I could continue with this for quite a while and be perfectly satisfied.