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Contemplating trading in my car
« on: February 12, 2018, 07:31:05 PM »
Preface: Please do not berate me with buying a Honda Insight or a Smart car. I understand the mustachianism, but value practicality. I'd like to trade my vehicle in and break even, or only owe <$5k.

I have been contemplating a trade-in for some time now:

Currently finance a Subaru Outback '14; Owe ~9k at 2%, trade in estimate 17k (8k equity)
Drive 15 miles to work, roughly 24-25mpg
Want a more fuel efficient vehicle that is good for environment, better fuel economy, still similar size

- I go skiing every other weekend in Vermont in winter, thus needing some amount of range and handling in snow. I don't have space for spare tires. I prioritize heavy snowfall trips as the conditions are much better. I'm not taking a rear wheels sports car to the mountain with 18" of fresh snow.
- I travel 3-4 times per year 500+ miles with my two dogs, who sit in the back seats, thus eliminating storage in the rear seats at these times.
- I go camping every other weekend in summer, thus needing storage space in car for equipment and my dogs.
- I bring my bicycle to work 4-5 days per week in the back of my car to ride after work and then every so often on weekends.. (I don't put them on the roof due to damage from road/elements/weather/etc., only inside my car)

Based on this, I'm really limited. I like the idea of a Prius or a Bolt, but these don't make sense for my storage needs. I have considered an older Outback, but the price delta and the fact my car just got new brakes and tires doesn't make it much more appealing. I'm not looking to save $3k and still have mediocre gas mileage.

Does anyone have any good recommendations?