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Comparing 2 rewards cards
« on: January 06, 2019, 01:31:24 PM »
Iím looking at keeping my CSP or getting the Wells Fargo Propel. Iím not eligible for any Chase sign up bonuses.

I book weekly flights plus lyft rides, so a lot of travel. Propel has no annual fee although the CSP fee isnít much in the yearly scheme of things. I already did the math on the Reserve and it wasnít worth it.

Hereís my question: Propel gives 3 pts on the travel and dining categories. CSP does 2 pts. CSP does 1:1 with Southwest. Propel would be statement credit.

BUT: every $ on CSP 2xpoints work out to a factor of 3.4 bc 1 pt = 1.7 cents on Southwest. Thatís more than Propel 3xpoints... But all those southwest flights booked on points are Non Rev. So Iím not earning anything else on them towards Companion or points. If I buy the flights and put them on the  Propel and take statement credits, wouldnít I come out ahead? Because I get the flights counting towards status, the points per flight, and Iím Alist Preferred so itís extra points on top of that.


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Re: Comparing 2 rewards cards
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Re: Best cards for travel hacking?
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Okay, I'm going to be one of those annoying people who doesn't answer the question posed, but has a different thought completely on how you should handle your life.

If you like the CSPreferred card except for the annual fee, then I would call Chase after the fee posts to say I'm thinking about cancelling it but wonder if there are any incentive offers that I should consider first.  They will likely pass your call to a retention agent who can check to see if there are any offers (e.g., spend 2K and get $60 statement credit or spend 3K and get 10,000 points).   You'll have at least 30 days after the fee points to cancel/downgrade and have the fee removed.  You don't have to do it ahead of time.  You can look at this for tips on getting retention bonuses as well as info about what Chase has offered others:

If I didn't like the retention offer than I would product change (i.e., bank speak for downgrade) to a Freedom card.  The product change doesn't count as a 5/24 slot and earns no signing bonus. 

Then I get another card for the signing bonus.  Not familiar with the Wells Fargo card so I have no opinion of whether that's the one to get.